stuti saxena

Stuti Saxena

42 years, New Delhi

Keen on rekindling my interest in painting, I reached out to Anu ma’am who was my sons’ drawing teacher. She not only developed this interest into a full-blown passion but also hand-held me when required and ensured that I give my best and try harder. The number of art forms and the different media that she has mastered and teaches are mind-boggling. I have learned traditional Indian art forms like Warli and Gond art and also tribal art, portraits, and landscapes in various media like acrylic paints, soft pastels, and mixed media. She ensures that we have fun while learning and also keeps the students hooked with innovative and interesting workshops. I started this journey about 2 years ago and am hooked for life.

angad singh duggal

Angad Singh Duggal

11 years, New Delhi

I have been learning Art and drawing from Anu Madam since summer of 2018, she is tremendously good teacher has been my mentor & guide, helping me practicing different form of art and drawing styles. It has been a wonderful learning experience.

Anu Madam has been constant source of motivation and inspiration in learning and creating new artwork. Attending her classes & workshop has not only upskilled my drawing, also, inculcated lot of confidence in my personality. I feel blessed to be part of her classes/workshops with immense learning experience. Anu Madam you are simply amazing, this piece of art is my gratitude towards your love and affection while you are great role model and emphasize the intellectual over the material

sandeep singh duggal

Sandeep Singh Duggal

39 years, New Delhi

Anu Madam has an incredible “sixth sense” into discovering your potential and help you to develop your vision and enthusiasm, even in areas you might have not put any attention to before. Her knowledge of art, drawing, and calligraphy understanding of the techniques both from contemporary to the New age, refined study and observation, both on life modeling sessions, simple sketching, and deep understanding of color are beyond that of any other person in the field of arts. Anu Madam also manages perfectly to present all this amazing knowledge, in a very warm, relaxed, and enjoyable environment. The classes are fun, really to the point, and normally you feel time flies fast!
I´m more than happy and feel very grateful and lucky to have found Anu Madam. I would highly recommend anyone who might be searching for a teacher/mentor/guide who can immediately from the very beginning put you on the right path, no matter if you are a full beginner as I was, or an intermediate/advanced student. I really can´t wait to continue studying with her and the next classes to come!

aazeen anish

Aazeen Anish

12 years, Dubai

I have been learning in this class for about 8 months. I have always been deeply in love with art but ever since I started this art class, I have loved doing artworks with soft pastels. I have been able to expand my ability in art and creativity.

jahnavi bahuguna

Jahnavi Bahuguna

13 years, New Delhi

I am Jahnavi Bahuguna, I am thirteen years old and I have been with this institute for a year now. I have been learning soft pastels and I feel like over this period my sketching and techniques have gotten so much better and it’s all thanks to Anu Vaid ma’am. It was so fun to be in her class, talking to her like a friend, and to be inspired by her brilliant work. She is a friend to me and I’m happy that I could work with her and ask her for advice even on my personal projects.